We got hacked!!!!!

UPDATE: We are working on a brand new web page. Which unfortuantely takes a bit longer due to time constraints and the size of the project. Please download our catalogue or check out our product list in our facebook shop. Or go direct to our TradeMe listings.

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I am very sorry but our online shop was hacked (perfect timing!!!) and I don't know when I am able to fix the problem. In order to protect our customers' data we deactivated the whole site.

You can download a copy of our catalogue using this link here and contact us via email at sales@cottagecrafts.co.nz.

If you want to send us an order via email and you are not a returning customer please send us your address details. We will then send you an invoice in an email which has all the details. Also let us know if you want to pay via credit card and we will set up a secure online payment link.

I am very sorry (and even a bit angry). I hope I can fix it soon.


Peter Niepel

Cottage Crafts

09 408 0110