Monday, 12 February 2018

NZ POST price change for ALL rual deliveries

Hello my dear (poor) rural customers. I am very sorry but NZ Post has decided to charge rural delivery fee for ALL shipments. So far we only had to put a rural sticker onto your shipment if we also used a tracking overnight ticket. The additional fee of $3.70 for each rural order brings the price for non-tracked shipments from $3 to $6.70, $4 to $7.70 and $5.50 to $9.20. Living at a rural address myself I find this increase is not fair. But unfortunately it is out of my hands. The best way is if you have a non-rural address like your work address, friends/family in town or even your local farm supply store, use this address as the shipping address. Our web page allows you to enter different addresses for billing and shipping. If there is anything we can help with, drop us a line.

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